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Ultraflex Slatted Flooring


Flooring solutions that combine different designs and materials are essential in today's demanding pig production facilities. This is particularly critical in farrowing rooms, where sow and piglets are kept in the same environment, yet optimum temperatures can differ by 30 º F. Ikadans combination cast iron and plastic slatted flooring with options of solid plastic or hot water heated creep areas, offer a slip-resistant heat conducting metal under the sow and the warmer plastic where the pig rest.


Ikadan Ultraflex is an extremely flexible system in which plastic or cast-iron modules can be combined at will. This provides countless possibilities, irrespective of the type of production, and irrespective of pig category – from farrowing pens to finisher pens – now and in the future.



Ultraflex slats and heating pad - module sections


Critical properties incorporated into Ikadan System's products, based on years of research and experience include:


  • Non-slip safety
  • Minimum injury
  • Optimum manure fall-through
  • Correct temperature
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extreme durability
  • A fully-slatted floor that gives optimum manure fall-through and easy cleaning.
  • Optimal void space and solid footing area.
  • Correct materials for temperature enviroments
  • Exceptional value


All Ultraflex modules can be cut and welded at will.