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Multiflex Panel System


The Multiflex panel system as a self-supporting modular element system in plastic, offering great advantages when arranging pig pens. Increased consumer demands on food safety and the need for optimum cleanliness – not least to achieve the new-pighouse effect – are more than adequately met by the Multiflex panel system. The system ensures optimum hygiene in pens.



Rost proof pen system


Wet Wall System


Combi Wall System



Elements are cast in the form of shells containing cells. The shells are then welded cell against cell to create a sandwich construction, giving an incredibly strong, self-supporting wall that reduces the need for support posts and assembly fittings, and means that there are no cavities where contamination can accumulate.


The Multiflex panel system is constructed from polypropylene, as used in Ikadan slatted floors which give excellent wear qualities.


Installation is simplified by sawing recesses provided in the panels, which also means reduced wastage. The panel system can be mounted on permanent surfaces, and can be adapted to floor slopes.