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Ikadan's Bite-Rite helps prevent tail-biting and other aggressive behavior in both nursery and finishing pens. Pigs simply prefer the plastic "chew toy" to their penmate's tail.



Environmental enrichment is drawing increasing attention as a necessary component in otherwise "empty" environments of modern swine confinement pens. The Bite-Rite was developed based on research indicating the pig's preference for clean, elastic type materials that they can "sink their teeth into." Research and pratical experience have shown that chains, bowling balls, and other remedies do not retain the pig's interest over time; the Bite-Rite is proving to reduce tailbiting and stimulate the pig's natural behavior.






Benefits of the product include:

  • Easy installation with furnished chain
  • No floor space occupied (hangs from ceiling)
  • No cleaning required
  • Reduces aggressive behavior
  • Replaceable chew sticks eliminate time-consuming replacement of "homemade" objects
  • Delivered complete with hanger, 4 chew sticks, and hanging chain

Assembling Bite Rite: