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Ikadan’s range of automatic feeders was developed on the basis of years of experience in plastics production and pigshed mechanisation. The latest available agricultural know-how and the latest manufac-turing techniques have therefore been applied. Feed principles take pigs’ rooting instincts, in that pigs have to activate the feeder’s rooting device before feed comes out. This also means that the trough is kept clean and free of old feed so hygiene and health are top notch. Drip watering ensures that weaners learn to drink immediately, the water flushing system ensuring that all pigs receive water that is both fresh and clean when introduced. The transparent feed funnels mean that it is easy and manageable to see whether pigs are eating as expected in the various pens. You can configure automatic feeders for both weaners and finishers. The advantage of doing this is that you are only paying for functionali-ties you actually need and not for the features you will never use. The consistent feature of our work on the development of these prod-ucts has been: Natural and easy operation for pigs, user-friendly for staff, minimal feed wastage, no problems with bridging, easy cleaning and clean, fresh water for the pigs.


These are your options for configuring automatic feeders to best suit your requirements.

 1 Tube model, basic module X X
 2 Additional tube height X X
 3 Tube model for integrated construction X X
 4 Funnel Model X X
 5 Funnel Model for integrated construction X X
 6 Stainless trough with water in two sides X X
 7 Stainless trough with water in one side X  
 8 Polymer concrete trough with 1 water X  
 9 Wide polymer trough for double feeder, water in 2 sides X  
 10 Drip watering X  



Stainless steel trough. Also supplied in polymer concrete. Water in 1 or 2 sides.  Available for finishers and weaners.