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Ikadan’s range of automatic feeders was developed on the basis of years of experience in plastics production and pigshed mechanisation. The latest available agricultural know-how and the latest manufac-turing techniques have therefore been applied. Feed principles take pigs’ rooting instincts, in that pigs have to activate the feeder’s rooting device before feed comes out. This also means that the trough is kept clean and free of old feed so hygiene and health are top notch. Drip watering ensures that weaners learn to drink immediately, the water flushing system ensuring that all pigs receive water that is both fresh and clean when introduced.

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Multiflex Farrowing Pen 

After launching its pioneering farrowing pen in the 1990s, Ikadan is now introducing a completely new farrowing pen for loose sows. The piglets still demand VIP treatment and the farrowing pen is therefore equipped with pivoting sides which can be positioned like a traditional crate during farrowing, thus providing the piglets with additional protection.  

Rational utilisation of space  

The Combi farrowing pen is easy to install in an existing, traditional farrowing house. The pen is extremely space saving, and the diagonal position of the crate sides requires a depth and width of just 240x240 cm.




Multiflex Loft

If there´s too little space for the animal, Ikadan now offers a loft for weaner pens - no matter the make of the other housing equipment.

Positive developments in the farrowing pen, with more and more piglets per year sow, require correspondingly more space in weaner pens.
Instead of having to invest heavily or embark on a building project, the loft could be an ideal solution.