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Delta Heating System


Ikadan Delta is a flexible heating system, which is adabtable to all piggeries and ventilation systems.


Heat gives growth:

Optimum climate control is a condition for a high production level in modern pig breeding.

To ensure an optimum climate, it is necessary to periodically supply heat to most sections of the piggery.

Heating is most necessary in farrowing pens, weaning pens, piglet and fattener pens.

Too low a piggery temperature has a negative effect on the life force of the animals, i.e. they become more susceptible to diarrhoes, respiratory illnesses, etc.

If the humidity is too high because of insufficient air change, the air in the building feels heavy and becomes uncomfortable.

High air humidity also provides good growth conditions for contageous micro-organisms. It is therefore a contributory factor in the incidence of pulmonary disease and consequent substantial economic loss, especially in fattener piggeries.

Dansih investigations show that during the winter the relative humidity in most fattener piggeries is 70-80% rather than the recommended 50-60%.

For economic reasons, many producers do not install heating in their piggeries.

The fact is that it is often good economy to introduce heating in the piggery.