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IKADAN Dry Feeder





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Ultraflex Flooring



Flooring systems for pig confinement buildings; specializing in pig nursery flooring and farrowing flooring for sow and pig areas. Modular components for maximum flexibility, allowing adaptation to numerous size layouts and combinations of slatted or solid plastic flooring, slatted or solid cast iron flooring, or plastic hot water heating panels. Fiberglass beams and accessories to support all flooring systems.


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Multiflex Panel System


A self-supporting modular element system in plastic, offering great advantages when arranging pig pens.




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Delta Heating System


A very flexible and adaptable heating system piggeries and ventilation systems.




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QuickLock Fitting


QuickLock fittings can be used for all types of slatted flooring systems and is well suitable when assembling. Mats under the sow, in lair areas or at feeding cribs



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