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Ikadan System is an innovative supplier of equipment systems for pig housing


Ikadan System USA Inc. is situated in Clinton, North Carolina and was founded in 1993 as a subsidiary of the Danish company Ikadan System A/S.


Ikadan System A/S has developed and marketed plastic slats and modular flooring systems with great success for the past 20 years. - The Ikadan Ultraflex Flooring System is sold in more than 30 countries world-wide.


The key concepts of innovation and product development have ensured the success of Ikadan System as a supplier of plastic swine production equipment for the past 20 years. Ever since Ikadan was founded, on-going dialogue with customers has been the constant source of new ideas and inspiration for the company. Customers telling about their everyday challenges is our most important basis for continual development of products – and for inventing new ones.


Three years ago Ikadan System A/S started developing a modular pen system, the Multiflex Panel System for farrowing, nursery and finisher pig housing. The panels are produced as 35 mm as well as 50 mm walls. The Multiflex system is now available in half-open and open versions and with plastic fittings where possible. A complete panel system with all components made of plastic has been developed. Ikadan is presenting a corrosion-free pig house equipment system at very competitive prices.


The Ikadan Group consists of Ikadan Plast A/S, a contract manufacturer producing injection molded plastic items, Ikadan System A/S and Ikadan System USA Inc.